Jilliann Elowise Standish

Character Created by Joe Saotome


1. Name of character: Jilliann Elowise Standish
2. Age: 17
3. Birthplace: Oklahoma City
4. General appearance: Long Crimson haired beauty, porcelain skin, smattering of freckles. Athletic due to Cheerleading.
5. Height: 5’7”
6. Gestures: Will stand with hands on hips when upset. Arms crossed under her breast when melancholy. Claps hands when a decision is made.
7. Sound of voice: Soft lilting voice normally with a hint of internal southern drawl.
8. Highest-grade reached in school: Jilliann is in her Senior year of school.
9. Subject which causes the most satisfaction: Maintaining a 4.0 grade point average without having to resort to ‘buying off’ (sexual favors) the teachers.
10. Subject which causes the most difficulty: Her father’s abandonment for a younger woman and the near rape by Kevin Ripley.
11. Favorite words or expressions: None but at times will speak with a thick distinctive Southern Bell drawl.
12. Favorite clothes: Jilliann like any other teenage girl loves clothes. Two personal favorites are tight jean that show off her butt and skirts that show off her legs. Also, likes shrugs, denim and leather. Jilliann also has a fondness/fetish for string thong panties. She would prefer to go bare-butted under her cheerleader skirt then wear the pontoons.
13. Favorite colors or least favorite: Prefers blues and whites but due to her hair a complexion tends towards greens.
14. Favorite relative: Loves her mother and her cousins.
15. Least favorite relative: Her father. He left his wife and daughter in favor of a younger women barely of age.
16. Favorite friends: Jilliann used to have a best friend named Michell Rothburger until their friendship was broken by other Elites. Michell was still a ‘band-rat’. In Chandon High Elites only hang with Elites. Jilliann’s other so called ‘friends’ in the Elites are the Ellies, they are not friends she really confides in. Wayne Alvan Cutter is a friend because of his lifelong friendship with her boyfriend Pattric Calhoon. Jilliann has a secret friendship with Ben Murphy and Bill da Kidd. Later she takes Heidi Tinti under her wing and they become best friends despite their difference in ages. Jilliann intends to groom her for the position of Chandon Queen.
17. Favorite pets: Jilliann owns a horse named Crimson Beauty. Jilliann loves taking long rides in the country with Crimson.
18. Favorite plays/TV shows/movies: Jilliann like most girls loves romance movies. Loves movies where the teenage underdog girl get the handsome jock.
19. Favorite or least favorite food: Loves mint chocolate chip ice-cream and pecan pie with chocolate chips and no bake chocolate cookies. Loves Mexican food. Jilliann hates having to eat healthy all the time. Thinks carrots should only be fed to horses.
20. Favorite books: Romance books, fantasy books where the main character is female.
21. Favorite music: Shania Twain and Garth Brooks and Prince and Pink. Likes pop music that she can dance to. Doesn’t like hard rock or rap.
22. Favorite vehicles: Wants a cherry red mustang convertible. Thinks mini coups are too cute and wants one all tricked out.
23. Things that make her laugh or cry: She cries when she thinks about her father’s abandonment. Cries when she thinks about the loss of her childhood best friend Michell Rothburger. Laughs at humorous situations and privately whenever a so called ‘Elite’ gets humiliated.
24. Jealousies: Jilliann really doesn’t get jealous.
25. What does her room look like: Jilliann loves horses and the country life and her room reflects that with its decorations. Her bed and furnishings are bare tempered wood. Keeps it mostly clean except for her underwear often strewn about the floor.
26. What are her talents: Jillann doesn’t know it but she is a bit of an empath and thus a good judge of character.
27. What does character fantasize about: Despite her near rape during her 11th year, Jilliann has a rather high libido and a bit of an exhibitionist. She and her boyfriend have been sexually active for several years. She like to role play. Her future goals are to graduate from Chandon and move away with Pattric, marry him, go to pharmacy school, and have a family. Little does she know that her experiences with Ben Murphy and Billy da Kidd will lead to her one day to joining the FBI.
28. Most admirable personality traits: Even tempered most of the time with a flash temper that quickly disperses. Kind hearted. Leadership skills acquired from training with Elizabeth Murphy, her boyfriend is captain the football team and she learns from Ben Murphy about self-sacrifice.
29. Least admirable personality traits: Mexican food gives her gas; Jilliann loves to eat Mexican food.
30. Previous relations with a lover: While Jilliann is devoted to her Pattric Calhoon and publicly states he is her one and only she has in fact had a sexual relationship Elizabeth Murphy during her yearlong training. Ben Murphy knows about it but does not ever say anything about it. When Ben mentions off hand that he had his sister’s room bugged she doesn’t catch it at first but later she remembers and confronts him about it. Ben just pretends to be ignorant. Just another reason for him to hate his sister.
31. How does character behave in a crisis: Jilliann for the most part remains level headed but can and will act in a decisive and often brutal manner. Jilliann although takes of a pseudo leadership role for the group and often acts as the mediator between the personalities she will always defer to Ben Murphy when he has a plan of action.
32. How does this character perceive herself: Jilliann sees herself as a fraud. An actress pretending to be a Queen. She has a ingrained habit of bowing before peer pressure of the school’s social order. Jilliann never the less is self-confident in most other areas, especially sexually.
33. How does this character show her anger: Jilliann’s temper is a flash temper. It erupts but quickly burns it’s self out. She not capable of holding a grudge for long. Not even against the boys who attempted to rape her.
34. How do other family members perceive this character: Jilliann’s mother Heather Standish is proud of Jilliann. Jilliann’s father is an ass-hole who dumps his wife in favor of a barely legal girl who ‘isn’t a prudish cold snatched bitch’.
35. How do friends perceive her: Jilliann’s longtime friend Michell Rothburger sees Jilliann as a sellout and traitor. They had pinky swore they would be friends forever but Jilliann became an Elite and Elites do not allow none Elites to hang with them. The Ellies are in awe of her because they have been conditioned to be her supplicants as she is the reigning Queen of Chandon High. Wayne Cutter loves her spitfire attitude and is impressed by her. Ben Murphy sees her as the perfect girl. Billy da Kidd thinks she needs a boob job.
36. How do those in authority view her: Everybody loves Jilliann!
37. How would this character like to change herself: Jilliann does wish she had the strength of character to stand up to the social order that she herself feel enslaved to.
38. What are character’s plans: Her future goals are to graduate from Chandon and move away with Pattric, marry him, go to pharmacy school, and have a family.
39. What is character’s greatest satisfaction: A job well done. Doing the right thing over what the social order expects her to do. Getting away with wearing her cheerleader skirt with only a string thong underneath.
40. What is character’s problem at the beginning of the story: Getting to school on time. Jilliann is still suffering from a dependency for Pattric’s proximity.


Jilliann Elowise Standish

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