Pattric Calvin Calhoon

Character Created by Joe Saotome


1. Name of character: Pattric Calvin Calhoon
2. Age: 18
3. Birthplace: Oklahoma City Memorial
4. General appearance: Athletic build. Light blond hair, brown eyes.
5. Height: 6”2’
6. Gestures: Tends to stand with his hands in his pockets when relaxed. Clenches his fists when mad. Sticks his bottom lip out when brooding or pouting.
7. Sound of voice: Soft, yet voice carries in sharp barks when he’s barking out an order.
8. Highest-grade reached in school: Calhoon is in his 12th senior year of Chandon High
9. Subject which causes the most satisfaction: A football game well played. His girlfriend Jilliann Standish
10. Subject which causes the most difficulty: Dealing with Benjamin Murphy.
11. Favorite words or expressions: Well shoot!
12. Favorite clothes: Blue Jeans, cowboy boots, and football jerseys.
13. Favorite colors or least favorite: Red and White the school’s colors and emerald green like his girlfriend’s eyes. Hates striped patterns.
14. Favorite relative: Baby sister who is in middle school.
15. Least favorite relative: Kevin Ripley. Jilliann doesn’t know it but Ripley is a distant cousin of Pattric.
16. Favorite friends: Pattric’s best friend is Wayne Cutter. They have been team mates since grade school.
17. Favorite plays/TV shows/movies: Won’t admit it but loves the Three Stooges and has grown to enjoy Romance Comedies.
18. Favorite or least favorite food: Loves pizza when watching games on TV. Used to love Mexican but can’t stand it because it gives Jilliann horrible gas.
19. Favorite books: Only books Pattric will read involves sports.
20. Favorite music: Likes pop country.
21. Favorite vehicles: Pity the fool who dares to put a scratch on his beloved ford F-100 custom.
22. Things that make him laugh or cry: Loves to watch slap-stick comedy. Benji and Billy da Kidd are a secret source of amusement. Hates to think about the possibility of losing Jilliann to another guy.
23. Jealousies: Pattric only has one source of jealousy and that is Benjamin Murphy. Pat sees qualities in Ben that he wishes that he himself had; such as intelligence, bravery, and the ability to stand up to his convictions despite the overwhelming peer pressure he endures.
24. What does his room look like: Pattric isn’t a slob but he does have a room cluttered with sports memorabilia and pictures of him, Jilliann, Wayne, and his little sister.
25. What are his talents: Pattric is a gifted athlete. Level headed with good bit of common sense. He’s brave a loyal to those he calls friends.
26. What does character fantasize about: Pattric’s main fantasies revolve around Jilliann. He doesn’t have to fantasize much though because Jilliann is a very enthusiastic and inventive lover.
27. Most admirable personality traits: Loyalty to his friends, leadership skills, common sense and lack of ‘isms’
28. Least admirable personality traits: Always bowing to peer pressure
29. Previous relations with a lover: Jilliann Standish was his first, but he has had sex with Wayne’s little sister Kelly of the Ellies. He was her first. It happened after a party they were both a little drunk and Kelly came right out and told Pat that she wanted him to be her first. Jilliann and Wayne do not know and that is how both Pattric and Kelly want to keep it.
30. How does character behave in a crisis: Depending on the crisis. If it involves Jilliann tends to either get angry and panicky or if it’s a romantic issue will get pouty. Supernatural related stuff he prefers to avoid it as he simply doesn’t understand it.
31. How does this character perceive himself: Surprisingly Pattric has some self-esteem issues, mainly because he sees his knuckling under from peer pressure to be cowardly. He doesn’t see himself as particularly outstanding and his only two redeeming qualities are Jilliann and his football skills.
32. How does this character show his anger: Tends towards violent reactions, especially if he perceives an insult to Jilliann.
33. How do other family members perceive this character: His mother and father love him and are proud of his athletic achievements and his relationship with Jilliann is fondly looked upon. Pat’s little sister Cally Marie Calhoon loves her big bro and idolizes Jilliann.
34. How do friends perceive him: Wayne Cutter is Pat’s best friend since childhood. Wayne thinks Pat would make a good marine.
35. How do those in authority view him: Teachers and the like have always seen Pattric as the all-American boy.
36. How would this character like to change himself: He wouldn’t mind being smarter and he really wishes he had the fortitude to shoulder aside peer pressure and do what he feels is right rather then what others think he should do.
37. What are character’s plans: Currently Pattric just wants to graduate and leave Chandon so that he can be his own man without other’s expectations bogging him down. He and Jilliann plan on moving to Tulsa to attend college. Pattric already has several scholarships waiting and his parents will help with the rest. He’s not sure what degree he will pursue, he’s thinking about business management. He wants to marry Jilliann and get a ring on her finger before she finds another man. NOTE: Pattric currently doesn’t know it but the supernatural events he experiences along with Benji and the others will affect his choice of careers later. He finds a course on supernatural as an elective and from there his curiosity keeps him going until he becomes a supernatural investigator, which comes in handy as Jilliann will one day become an FBI agent who specializes in supernatural crimes.
38. What is character’s greatest satisfaction: Jilliann Standish and a perfectly played football season.
39. What is character’s problem at the beginning of the story: Just getting to school.


Pattric Calvin Calhoon

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