Benjamin 'Benji' Rodan Murphy

Character Created by Joe Saotome


1. Name of character: Benjamin Rodan Murphy – Aliases: Ben, Benji, Fat-ass, Cannon-Ball
2. Age: 15
3. Birthplace: Shending General
4. General appearance: Ben is short and stocky. His general appearance is of chubby kid with an obesity issue. His hair is a shaggy mess due to the fact he’s wants to grow a pony-tail. Hazel eyes, heavily tanned from time in the sun. His nose is slightly bulbous and crooked due to being broken in a fight.
5. Height: 5’8”
6. Gestures: Ben usually stands with his arms crossed. When walking, if he has a backpack he usually tucks his thumbs under the straps. If without a backpack will often fidget with objects within his pockets. If he has a tool or knife in his hand he will twirl it. When thinking about where he left or seen an object or reference in a book he will often mimic the action of searching. He’s a pacer when heavily thinking.
7. Sound of voice: Ben regular mode of speech is country twang but he has a large vocabulary due to his reading and studies. He sometimes will do silly accents for humor. When he’s planning on something destructive will often speak like a stereo typical European mad scientist (mainly just to annoy his best friend).
8. Highest-grade reached in school: Ben is just beginning his ninth grade. He was held back one year because of an incident in the fifth-grade lead to expulsion.
9. Subject which causes the most satisfaction: Ben loves explosives! If it can go BOOM he’s all for it. He also loves to be recognized for his achievements.
10. Subject which causes the most difficulty: Ben hates most of the academics especially higher mathematics and history classes. He hates the social order status that he and his best friend are subjected to
11. Favorite words or expressions: “Exact ah Mundo!” “That’s not good.”
12. Favorite clothes: Loves hunter pants and military BDU due to the cargo pockets. Always wears black t-shirts, a plaid button down shirt. Often wears either a denim jacket or a black military trench coat.
13. Favorite colors or least favorite: Prefers blacks and other dark colors. Absolutely detest light flowery colors
14. Favorite relative: The only member of Ben’s family that he really gets on with is his uncle and a couple of cousins who he rarely ever sees as they live in Ohio.
15. Least favorite relative: Ben absolutely HATES his sister Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Murphy. He is indifferent to his parents.
16. Favorite friends: Ben only has one best friend, Billy da Kidd; aka William Kidders. He’s on friendly bases with a teenaged Bigfoot named Edger and the only black kid in Chandon named. He has an odd secret friendship with Jilliann Elowise Standish and Pattric Calvin Calhoon. Ben’s relationship with Sheriff Carl Danton is topsy-turvy to say the least.
17. Favorite pets: The only pet Ben has ever had is a ghost-cat named Mr. Fuzzy butt since only the back half of the cat can be seen.
18. Favorite plays/TV shows/movies: Ben loves any media involving Indiana Jones and the TV shows, A-Team and MacGyver.
19. Favorite or least favorite food: Ben absolutely loves Coke Cola; he is addicted to the stuff. Ben cannot tolerate green peas in any form due to the fact he once caught a pickle jar full of tadpoles and left them out in the sun, when he opened the lid the stench made him violently sick. The smell and shape of peas is a physiological disturbance to him.
20. Favorite books: Ben loves to read, favorites are anything involving lots of explosions.
21. Favorite music: Ben doesn’t really listen to a lot of music. The only time he really does is when he’s building something and then he tends toward heavy metal or anything with a good beat to it. He likes Garth Brooks.
22. Favorite vehicles: Ben loves scrappy looking vehicles. He has built two vehicles himself. The first was a supped-up go-cart which was lost during creek crossing jumping attempt gone wrong by a stoned Edger. The second is a dune buggy type he calls the ‘Grumbler’ do to the noise it makes.
23. Things that make him laugh or cry: Ben has a very quirky sense of humor and will laugh at anything ironic or at the suffering of those he dislikes. Ben won’t admit it fearing he’ll be laughed at but he has a secret love of romance movies.
24. Jealousies: Ben is very jealous of the love and attention his sister is lavished with. Ben is jealous of any one with a loving family. Of Calhoon for the love Jilliann has for him. He’s also very jealous that his best friend got his cherry popped during a three way with two of the Elly cheerleader’s.
25. What does his room look like: Ben bedroom at his parents’ house only contains his clothing and half a dozen dream catchers around and above his head. In his hidden glen he has a dug out that he built. It contains everything else he’s accumulated over the years. The place is often cluttered.
26. What are his talents: Ben is a very talented young man. Unfortunately, due to his outcast status at home and school his full potential is not encouraged. He has a natural affinity for mechanics and chemistry. He is also a natural physic. He can SEE and sense supernatural elements. He had spent several years studying under a true Wiccan.
27. What does character fantasize about: Ben fantasizes about marring a beautiful girl and traveling the world.
28. Most admirable personality traits: Ben is extremely loyal to his friends. Honorable willing to fight for the underdog or the weak.
29. Least admirable personality traits: His love for explosives, a prediction towards aggravating those he dislikes. His temper.
30. Previous relations with a lover: Ben is a virgin. His first sexual partner will be with Heidi Tinti. She will eventually become his high school sweet heart but the relationship ends at graduation as she is moving back to California to go to college.
31. How does character behave in a crisis: In a crisis Ben is level headed and does not panic easily. His friends turn to him when things get weird because he always has a plan, even if his plans are crazy as hell.
32. How does this character perceive himself: Ben is self-loathing and due to his status and upbringing does not recognize his own potential for greatness.
33. How does this character show his anger: Ben’s temper is a very nasty thing to have directed. He either is boiling over in a blood thirsty rage or cold and calculating. Will hold a grudge and tends towards the ‘get even’ mind set.
34. How do other family members perceive this character: His mother and father do love him in their indifferent way due to the fact they never wanted more than one child. They prefer to ignore him for the most part if he does not cost them much.
35. How do friends perceive him: Billy da Kidd loves Ben like a brother and will do almost anything for him. Others recognize that Ben is special and understanding and accepting of their faults.
36. How do those in authority view him: Teachers and principals see him as a delinquent and trouble maker. Sheriff Carl Danton see’s Ben as the trouble magnet that he is. Danton realizes that Ben rarely starts anything but tends to end things in a way to violent manner. Danton gives Ben more leeway do to the fact Danto views Ben as a segregate grandson. Deputy Stringer Hates Ben with a passion. He only sees Ben as a criminal and goes out of his way to harass Ben. (Ben has a habit of pulling pranks on the Deputy by blowing holes in his tires etc.) Deputy Harding is mostly just indifferent but tends to avoid Ben when she can, because where ever Ben is, Billy da Kidd can’t be far behind.
37. How would this character like to change himself: Ben would love to have a better memory and be tall dark and handsome.
38. What are character’s plans: Ben just wants to graduate, turn eighteen so that he can get out on his own and away from Chandon forever.
39. What is character’s greatest satisfaction: A good bit of revenge and blowing something good and gone.
40. What is character’s problem at the beginning of the story: Ben is only a few weeks into his ninth-grade year. He’s just trying to get through the day.


Benjamin 'Benji' Rodan Murphy

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