Billy da Kidd

Character Created by Joe Saotome


1. Name of character: Billy da Kidd – aka: William Kidders
2. Age: 15
3. Birthplace: Shending General
4. General appearance: Tall and reedy. Long face, long thin nose with flaring nostrils, large bug eyes. Scraggly dirt blond uneven cut hair.
5. Height: 6’2”
6. Gestures: Kind of twitches allot
7. Sound of voice: Billy speaks with a country twang. He doesn’t use big words but has a large vocabulary understanding do to his best friend’s influence.
8. Highest-grade reached in school Billy is starting his ninth grade. He was held back in his fifth year due to an incident.
9. Subject which causes the most satisfaction: Loves to talk about boobs. Loves boobs. Big ones.
10. Subject which causes the most difficulty: His relationship with his father and the abandonment of his mother.
11. Favorite words or expressions: Tends use phrases like ‘dumb ass’ igit etc.
12. Favorite clothes: Clean ones. New ones. Ones that don’t have holes in them.
13. Favorite colors or least favorite: Likes the color red.
14. Favorite relative: Billy has no family that he likes.
15. Least favorite relative: His parents. His mother for abandoning him with his alcoholic father and his father for the abuse he heaped on him for years until Ben nearly killed the man with a baseball bat for beating Billy till he bled.
16. Favorite friends: Billy has only one real friend and that Ben Murphy. Everybody else is just a friend of or acquaintance of Ben’s.
17. Favorite pets: Billy had a dog once. Unknown to Ben as Billy never told him, Billy’s dog was beaten to death before his innocent eyes by his own father during a drunken rage with a 2×4.
18. Favorite plays/TV shows/movies: Billy watches mainly only action movies and porn because that’s the only thing his dad watches.
19. Favorite or least favorite food: Billy will eat anything even stuff he may not like simply because he’s always hungry. His father does not feed him at home.
20. Favorite books: While Billy acts like an uneducated hick, he in fact gets much better grades then Ben. He enjoys fantasy novels. Lord of the Rings being his favorites. Followed by Piers Anthony books.
21. Favorite music: Billy loves Shania Twain and has all her songs memorized.
22. Favorite vehicles: Billy wants a Ford mustang.
23. Things that make him laugh or cry: Billy loves to laugh at jocks who get their come unpins. He cries whenever he thinks about his mother abandoning him.
24. Jealousies: Billy doesn’t show it but he’s jealous of Ben for having two parents who at least does not leave or drinks. He’s jealous that Ben is liked by others. A lot of his jealousy is washed away when he loses his virginity during a three-some with two to the Elly cheerleaders. That’s something to brag about even though he does not. Billy is more of a gentleman then Ben will ever be.
25. What does his room look like: Billy’s room in immaculate with very few personal items.
26. What are his talents: Billy has an unusually acute eye sight especially night vision. He is a good actor due to his years of hiding his feelings of jealousy and inadequacies from his best friend. Due to Ben’s influence, he has acquired a strong study habit. He will graduate (to everyone’s surprise including Ben’s) as valedictorian. Billy understands that if he wants to get of Chandon and achieve his dream of owning his own strip club is to go to college and the only way to do that is via a scholarship. He will be the first one in his family to not only finish high school but be the first to get a college education. Incredibly enough when Billy graduates as valedictorian his dad is so impressed he helps pay for Billy’s college.
27. What does character fantasize about: Boobs and parents that love and support him. His dream is to leave Chandon forever and own his own Strip club.
28. Most admirable personality traits: Billy is extremely loyal to his only friend. He’s very friendly, outgoing, and easy to talk with.
29. Least admirable personality traits: Billy is a bit cowardly due to his upbringing and an event where he got stuck in an old well. He’s horn dog. Tends to harass and lust after females with big boobs.
30. Previous relations with a lover: Billy is an outcast but after his first time during a three-some with two cheerleaders (which he’s too much of gentleman to brag about) the girls on the other hand brag about his performance for a first timer. He gets a rep as a guy who knows how to give a girl orgasms and be discrete. He ends up with girls offering up pussy on the sly.
31. How does character behave in a crisis: Depending on the situation. At first, he tends to panic and immediately looks to Ben for direction. If it involves a girl in danger he’s ready to fight to the finish to help her.
32. How does this character perceive himself: Billy has a lot of self-image issues at first but after he realizes girls are willing to ignore his looks and lack of money if he can deliver great sex he becomes more self-satisfied.
33. How does this character show his anger: Billy tends to keep his anger bottled up until it explodes. Or he uses a lot of sarcasm.
34. How do other family members perceive this character: His mother left and forgot she ever bore a freak like him. His father hates him but when Billy graduates at the top of his class he supports his son to go to college seeing his son as a success.
35. How do friends perceive him: Ben Murphy is his best friend and brother in all ways except blood. Ben sees Billy as a little brother who needs protection and guidance. Ben sees him as a bit of coward but understands the reasons why. Ben is confused over his friend’s active sex life.
36. How do those in authority view him: Teachers and Principals see him as a delinquent and are disbelieving over his grades. Sheriff Danton see’s Billy as a smart but annoying horn dog. Deputy Stringer hates him because he is best friends with his nemeses Ben Murphy. Deputy Harding is freaked out by the Kidd’s attention. After Billy fights and kills a were-wolf to protect her she puts up with his attention. When she hears about his sexing skills she openly flirts with him implying that she fucks him after he turns eighteen.
37. How would this character like to change himself: Billy would really like to be handsome and more fearless like Ben.
38. What are character’s plans: Billy wants to own his own strip bar anywhere that’s not Chandon.
39. What is character’s greatest satisfaction: A boob well fondled.
40. What is character’s problem at the beginning of the story: Keep from getting eaten by a pack of zombie dogs.


Billy da Kidd

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